Workshop on Computational Intelligence and Metaheuristics (2010)

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On September, 20-24, 2010 during the 12-th Russian Conference on Artificial Intelligence with international participation (CAI-2010) held in Tver' the "Workshop on Computational Intelligence and Metaheuristics (2010)" is to be organized. The workshop topics are (but not limited to):

  • Artificial Neural Networks.
  • Fuzzy Logic.
  • Evolutionary Algorithms.
  • Adaptive Behavior and Artificial Life.
  • Multi-Agent Systems.
  • Hybrid and Memetic Algorithms.
  • Estimation of Distribution Algorithms and Bayesian Optimization.
  • Particles Swarm Optimization and Ant Colonies.
  • Artificial Immune Systems.
  • Application of Bionic Algorithms.
  • Theory of Bionics.
  • Approaches to Efficient Software and Hardware Implementation of Algorithms.
  • Instrumental Tools for Implementation and Research of Adaptive Systems.

    Paper preparation rules and conference fees are the same as for the main event CAI-2010 (1-st information letter, 2-nd information letter). Camera-ready paper template.

    Working Group:
    Full Dr. Sci., Prof. D.I. Batishchev (N. Novgorod, Russia)
    Full Dr. Sci., Prof. A.A. Zhdanov (Moscow, Russia)
    Full Dr. Sci., Prof. L.A. Zinchenko (Moscow, Russia) (Co-Chair)
    Full Dr. Sci., Prof. V.M. Kureichik (Taganrog, Russia) (Co-Chair)
    PhD, Lead. Res. V.A. Nepomnyashchikh (Yaroslavl')
    Full Dr. Sci., Prof. V.G. Red'ko (Moscow, Russia)
    PhD, Assoc. Prof. S.N. Sorokin (Moscow, Russia)
    Full Dr. Sci., Prof. I.A. Hodashinsky (Tomsk, Russia)
    PhD, Assoc. Prof. Y.R. Tsoy (Tomsk, Russia) (Secretary)
    Full Dr. Sci., Prof. N.G. Yarushkina (Ul'yanovsk, Russia)

    Imporant Dates:

  • Paper submission deadline (extended): June, 10, 2010
  • Authors notification: June, 30, 2010
  • Camera-ready papers: July, 16, 2010
  • Workshop (approximate date, to be defined): September, 20 -- September, 24, 2010


  • Workshop secretary: Yury R. Tsoy, e-mail: yurytsoy{at}gmail.com

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